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7 Reasons Consumers Prefer New Over Resale // March 20, 2017

7 Reasons Consumers Prefer New Over Resale Homes

Things to consider when searching for your perfect home

Are you in the market for to find the perfect home? Deciding between new vs. resale is an ongoing debate for consumers however the final decision comes down to what you want out of your home. The purchase price of a new home vs. resale can be relatively comparable but are dependent on the location, build and upgrades.

The cost is an important aspect, but equally as important is how each home will fit with your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a property that is ‘right-sized’ for you, if you are looking to change locations, looking for an investment property or even if it is your first home purchase, there are a few aspects to consider about your future in your new home.

The main difference you ask is the peace of mind. Who can put a price on that? Here are the perks of buying a new build as your next home:

1. New Home Warranty: After the purchase of the home, you will not need to budget for annual maintenance within the first few years. With the Alberta New Home Warranty Program you have a one year warranty on Labor and Materials, two years on the distribution system, five year on the building envelope and 10 year warranty on the structural. For more detailed information on coverage please visit the ANHWP website at http://www.anhwp.com/

2. Better Build: New build are up to date with structural building standards. Avalon works alongside the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology here in Calgary to continually create energy efficient homes which are progressing closer to Net-Zero. When you purchase a home with us you can feel comfortable that you are going to pay less on your monthly utility and energy bills. We stand behind the value of an Avalon home to guarantee energy efficiency, starting with the insulation all the way through to the high-efficiency furnace.

3. Little to Zero Renovations and Upkeep: Although home construction does allow you to customize your space after your purchase, a property that needs constant TLC can weigh heavy on your wallet and mind. It is important to factor in any pluming issues or water damage that will occur through wear and tear which will come at an often unpredictable cost.

4. New Community Development: Location is an important aspect while finding a home that fits with your lifestyle. New builds are typically located in the suburbs where fresh new communities are springing up. These communities attract new restaurants, stores and entertainment all within close proximity to your home.

5. Mess Free: When buying a new home, you can ensure that there is no mess that you cannot tell the story behind. That blob shaped wine stain on the carpet probably has a hilarious story that the previous owners will tell for ages, but in your new home it is just a pain. This also goes for any dents in the walls or damages to the floorboards.

6. Custom Designs: Your car and your clothing are a reflection of your personality, why shouldn’t your entertaining space be as well? In a new home you can show off your personal taste to reflect your unique style. Depending on current progress of a new home and desired possession date, you will have the ability to customize your finishes from the flooring to cabinet colors to the backsplash on your walls. You also will have a choice from an assortment of floor plans to depending on your wants and needs.

7. Higher Resale Value: Let’s face it-life happens; jobs change and families expand. Sometimes a home simply does not work with our lifestyle anymore. If by chance you want to move a few years after you move in your resale value will be much higher on a new build that utilizes new technology and moderns finishes.

Your new home purchase should be the perfect complement to your lifestyle. Overall, the cost could be greater in an older home; from energy escaping out of the home to the physical upkeep. With more money in your pocket and less time spent at the hardware store; a new build is worth the consideration.


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